Find IP Address of Yahoo Messenger Users


This is simple Tutorial how you can obtain Yahoo Messenger Users Internet Protocol / IP Address. With this simple trick using command prompt windows you can get IP Address via Instant Message of YM. Finding IP Address of Yahoo Users sometimes is difficult enough especially when they are use Proxy. This trick would not work if the users of Yahoo User Proxy Address.

Find IP Address of Yahoo User

  • Get Instant Message with a target and send them Picture or Image or Webcam.
  • That would make you and your target establish Peer to Peer connection, which means you can see their IP Address directly.
  • Open Command Prompt Window by click Start Program, Run and type cmd.
  • On the Command Prompt type netstat -n or netstat -a or netstat -an.
  • You'll see List of IP and Connection.
  • Find the Port 80 and you can see their IP in front of the Port.
  • Now you can find their IP Address.

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its fake i hv tried this

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